How to bet on eSports to always win?

February 20, 2021

 Everything is simple here, you need to choose a winner
Everything is simple here, you need to choose a winner

Not long ago, esports betting was perceived by others as something unusual and outlandish, but little connected with real life. Now the direction is confidently competing with more familiar disciplines. At the same time, one cannot ignore the constantly growing interest and influx of new people who concentrate exclusively on betting virtual events. Fortunately, this industry offers a huge number of destinations and tournaments that can interest even the most inexperienced viewer. Previsoes de futebol daily and extensive football statistics for leagues and cups, based on performance of the team’s latest games, to help football bettors choose their bets.

How to bet on eSports to always win?
Naturally, the demand quickly led to the appearance of supply, and now the vast majority of bookmakers are ready to offer their customers such services. Now let’s take a look at what is the peculiarity of esports betting, and also look at which bookmaker is best to choose.

Types of esports bets
Nobody can say for sure how to bet on e-sports and win, but there are certain specifics of these competitions that distinguish them from more familiar disciplines such as football or tennis. The modern market offers interested parties the following list of possible rates:

Match outcome. Everything is simple here, you need to choose a winner, or indicate a draw result.
The outcome of a single round or card. It would seem that this option is much easier, but it is more subject to the factor of luck.
“First blood”. This refers to the team that committed the first kill in the game.
Total rounds (kills, points). Standard rate per account.
Total time. The time that will last for a single batch is indicated.
Passage in tournaments. A bet is placed on the tournament stage, where the selected team can go.
It must be emphasized that the above list is not complete and is constantly being expanded. Everything will depend on the chosen game discipline, bookmaker’s office and other factors.

How to bet on Dota
How to bet on eSports to always win?
It just so happened that this game is now very popular not only among players, but also those who like to follow sporting events through the prism of a bet. According to up-to-date statistical information, today more than half of all concluded deals are associated with this particular game.

It is noteworthy that the game provides a diverse field for betting. For example, you can choose the team that will be the first to destroy the opponent’s tower, or they will be able to buy a certain item, choose this or that hero, and so on. Our detailed previsao futebol mean that when it comes to predictions you can be confident.

Other games you can bet on in esports
Naturally, everything is not limited to Dota alone. Computer sports fans will be able to choose among the following types of game disciplines:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The second most popular sports discipline, in which many matches are held on a regular basis at various levels. There is also a lot of statistical information that allows you to make informed decisions.
League of Legends. The main competitor of Dota, but with a much smaller list, which does not prevent the game from enjoying enviable popularity.
Hearthstone. A single discipline, which is a card game that allows you to place bets on falling cards, the choice of strategies, and so on.
Now that we have figured out the main directions, it remains to find out where to bet on eSports, so that it is not only fast, but also convenient and also reliable.

How to bet on eSports to always win?
How to choose an office for betting?
Now such services are provided by any self-respecting bookmaker company, which means there is no point in talking about direct names. Better to focus on a number of key criteria that will really help you make the right decision:

Live mode. Many people like to place bets after the start of the game, when the real favorite becomes clear.
Mobile version. Now its presence allows at any time and in any place not only to place bets, but also to monitor the result.
Special rules. They are designed to save clients from conflict situations.
In addition, we will dwell on such factors that will allow us to decide where to bet on Dota, such as margin, offered odds, limits, and so on. Fortunately, most offices really strive to make the betting process as convenient and comfortable as possible for the client.

How to bet on eSports?
In fact, it is impossible to say with absolute certainty how to bet on eSports correctly, because this process requires taking into account a large number of equally important factors that can affect the final outcome of the fight. This is especially true for competitions of the highest level, where the outcome of the meeting, most often, is decided by one unfortunate mistake made by one of the opponents.

Among other things, one must not forget that the virtual characters are controlled by real people. This means that they have a changing emotional mood, varying degrees of skill, and so on.